Friday, July 9, 2010

Crazy busy, Crazy fun

Wow, I am long overdue for a new post! Time flies so fast here, between work and other activities, that I have a lot to catch you up on. Two Sundays ago (June 27) a group of Calvin students went to Rocky Mountain National park for a hike. The 7 mile hike was a slightly challenging but enjoyable one, though there were a ton of mosquitos throughout a good majority of it. I didn't get bit, but some others in our group were itching for days to come.
Monday the 28th, both of my roommates and I had the day off, so we went for a walk to Columbine Point, waded in the creek, and sat out for a while there talking. Sunscreen would have been a good idea, but since none of us used it, we were in pain the rest of the week (though I have a good tan now! :P). Despite the burns, on our way home we walked past the Rowley Homestead. The old house, barn, and shed are almost 100 years old, and were built and lived in by some of the original settlers of what is now Snow Mountain Ranch. While we were there, we talked with the lady who was in charge of showing visitors around the homestead. She suggested we grab some of the 'pioneer clothes' they have there, and offered to take pictures of us. Of course, we took her up on this! We had a great time, and felt like little kids again in our 'dress-up clothes'. I still can't help but laugh out loud when I look at the pictures that we took!
***more to come about this week... SOON, I promise :) ***

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