Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hiking, Hot Springs, and Laundry...

Since my last post...
Saturday night, I saw Avatar for the first time! (not super exciting, but I felt it was an occasion worthy of sharing :)
Sunday I had the day off, so after church a group of us (I'll introduce you to them in the pictures to come :) set off to hike the 5 peaks of Snow Mountain. The hike was difficult, and there were some stretches of insanely steep path that I questioned why I was putting my body through such exertion (as we climbed the air kept getting thinner, so of course we blamed the frequent breathing breaks we had to take on the altitude!) but we didn't give up, and, believe me, reaching all 5 peaks (and earning the bragging rights that go along with the accomplishment :) was worth every minute of the mental battle!
*just a note... because none of us has a vehicle here, we had to walk to the trail head and back also, which added an hour and a half onto our hike... in total, we were hiking for 5 hours!

The group (minus me :) at the trail-head.
Left to Right: Nathan, Erin, Erin, Pongsuh, Eddie... Back: David

The view from 1st peak!

Such a far view from 2nd!

Erin sandwich! (3rd peak)

The whole group on 4th peak!

We made it! (5th Peak :)

After getting back from the hike and (very briefly) freshening up, a larger group of Calvins and Navigators (employees who participate in another college program here) went to see Toy Story 3 at the theatre in Winter Park (Which is in the basement of a gas station, only has one screen, and smells like musty carpet).
Monday, my SECOND day off in a row (!), Kelly, Julie, Nathan, and I had a laundry party. This may sound like a lame thing to do on a day off, but the laundry building is a good 10 minute walk away, so when possible it's always nice to do it with other people :) I will never again take Calvin's free, conveniently located laundry room for granted again! While we were waiting for our laundry to dry, we played some ladder golf (which Nathan and I completely dominated... sorry Kelly and Julie!). After laundry, Kelly, Julie and I went and sat out a Columbine Point for a while (it was such a beautiful view on such a beautiful day... I'm sad I didn't bring my camera!) then went to the pool afterwards. It finally felt like a normal summer day!
The rest of the week I've been working at the Grill, but on Wednesday night, I got to go to the Hot Sulfur Springs! They weren't exactly what I was expecting (natural bubbling pools of water in the mountainside), they just looked like hot tubs with smelly, kind of dirty water in them. However, they were fed by the natural springs, and the water is supposedly good for your skin and joints, and we left feeling very refreshed and relaxed. That night, Kelly, Betsy, Dean, and I went 'camping' in the clear area behind Blue Ridge.
I saw another 3 shooting stars!


  1. THREE!! That's way more than I've seen in my entire life!! I thought it was amazing for me to see one this summer for the first time ever!!:)

  2. Great update and great photos!!
    Sounds like you're living it up out there! - it's good to hear. :)
    <3 Alexa