Wednesday, June 9, 2010

LCI! (and Work...)

Now that you know where I am and where I live, why am I here?

Calvin has a program here at Snow Mountain Ranch called the "Leadership Challenge Institute". There are around 30 of us Calvin students here working this summer and taking part in the activities of LCI. Retreats and outings are planned for our group throughout the summer, and every Monday night we have a guest speaker come. When they're done, we break off into our small groups (pictures to come of my small group!) to discuss what we heard (and to talk about anything else interesting that is happening in our lives. :)

This past Monday, Henry DeVries came from Grand Rapids and spoke about the different kinds of leadership. Rather than just leading from the front of the group, he described the ways in which people can be influences from the middle, by keeping a team together, or from the back, by encouraging. Each type plays an important role in any group.

Now about my job...

I work in the food service department, and each day makes me not only appreciate dining hall food a little more, but also makes me even more thankful for the on campus job I have at school for the sole reason that it is NOT in food service (though in reality, it's not as bad a job as it sounds :). I've gotten to know some neat people, and the time usually goes by fairly quickly (as quickly as 8 straight hours of standing up can go...).
The first few days I was here, I worked in Commons (the dinning hall at SMR) doing dishes and working the cash register. Monday and Tuesday of this week, though, I started training at the Grill, the restaurant/grocery on site where I will be working for a majority of the summer. At the Grill, I get to take orders from customers, cook food, make sundaes and shakes, and perform any other task that might come up. The Grill is a little more laid back than Commons (during breaks and for supper/lunch we can make ourselves anything on the menu... which might be dangerous :), and I actually enjoy the cooking and serving customers part (and I haven't had any complaints about my cooking.... yet!).

With these two keeping me busy, I have a feeling that this summer is going to fly by!

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