Sunday, July 25, 2010

Just Jump!

This past Sunday I jumped off a 50 ft. cliff.
Don't worry, the Colorado River was below to catch me and I survived with only a few bruises. I went cliff diving with some girls I work with at the Grill, Kelly, and about 7 more Navigators, and it was one of the most unique experiences of my life. It was completely thrilling and terrifying at the same time... as I was standing at the edge, contemplating what I was about to do, I was told "Don't think, just focus on the voice counting down, and when it gets to 1, just jump!"
In retrospect, that doesn't sound like very good life-advice...

I have been promoted to a Supervisor position at the Grill. I'm excited about my first legitimate "promotion" (it includes a pay raise!), but nervous about the responsibility as well. I have been blessed with great coworkers, though, who I can trust to do their jobs well with good attitudes, so the stress level hasn't risen too much... yet :)


  1. 50 ft! woah. I admire you. :P

    congratulations on the promotion!! Of course you would get it, and you'll be excellent at it. But it certainly is comforting to hear that your fellow workers will be good to work with and give a positive attitude.

    all the best!
    <3 A

  2. I couldn't jump....nope...getting to old and wise. Anne said, "High diving board is almost too much for her." Glad to hear you made it through your terrifying experience.

    You are now promoted to help when all us Veenstra's get together. You can be the supervisor. All us Aunts will have a very positive attitude. Congratualtions!

    I can't believe you will be back to school soon and your adventures in Colorado will be over.

    Love you...Susie