Tuesday, August 10, 2010

It's the little things...

Tonight, tomorrow night, AND Thursday night, my roommate Kelly reserved a room at Indian Peaks with her complimentary nights that we get as staff. I am so excited for this "retreat" with my roommates, but I'm also excited about things that I would've taken for granted a couple months ago...

#1) The Bathroom: Having a shower right in my room that is clean, well lit, has warm water (as opposed to HOT or COLD), and has water pressure!
#2) The Bed: Being able to stretch out my legs in bed and not have my feet hanging off, not worrying about the creaking it makes at the slightest movement, and being able to sit up in it without banging my head on the top bunk... (and the mattresses are SO comfortable:)
#3) The Silence: Going to sleep without hearing other people talking in the rooms around me! (I might even be able to take an actual nap tomorrow! :)
#4) The Screens: There are no random bugs in this room- the windows have screens!
#5) The Internet: Indian Peaks has its own wireless, which is faster and more reliable than the internet in Blue Ridge
#6) The Fridge: I don't know what I'll use this perk for yet, but if I want to bring something back to my room that needs refrigeration, I have that option!

It feels like a mini-vacation already :)

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  1. SO glad you're enjoying Indian Peaks and again THANK YOU for giving us your complimentary days :)!! I hope the Calvin banquet went well tonight!! Love you, Mom