Saturday, August 21, 2010

Goodbye Rocky Mountains...

Here I am, sitting with Kelly in Denver International Airport. Kelly, Job (one of the other students from Calvin), and I fly out this morning! Because the only person left with a car at SMR had to work this morning, he dropped us off here last night at around 1:00 AM. The three of us took turns sleeping and staying awake to watch our luggage (I think I got 20 minutes total of actual sleep). At 4:00 we watched the airport come to life, and were able to watch our last Colorado sunrise a little later. My plane doesn't actually take off until 10:30 AM, so I'm seeing Kelly off on her plane to Grand Rapids at 8:40 then heading to find my terminal.
Though this summer was an adventure- an experience that I wouldn't trade for anything, I am SO excited to be heading back home to see my family... and though I'll miss the mountains, I might even be a little excited for the good old midwest humidity ;)

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